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Pledging with Purpose

Pledge Drive Update: Thanks to all the folks who responded so well to my “on the road the day before Thanksgiving” phone calls reminding previous years’ pledgers that we would hope to see them participate again. Though I’ve only “followed up”...

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Running the Race!

I imagine quite a few runners had the old spiritual, “Guide my Feet, as I Run This Race,” in their minds as they crossed the finish line at the Route 66 Marathon, thanks to the 90 or so churchfolks who gathered at the courtyard and sang to...

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Righteousness Exalteth a Nation

Wow—what a Sunday. We had 150 in attendance for the All Saint’s Sunday service, we had a full Great Hall to enjoy the fall harvest lunch that “Karen and Co.” (Karen Manera, Lana Howard, Jan Griffiths, and Carol Ghere) made for everyone, and then...

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