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The King of Instruments

Pipe Organs are awesome.  I mean that in the classic sense of the word and in the modern sense too.  They fill our sanctuaries with a regal and majestic sound.  Since they work with air, they are literally “Spiritual” instruments.  Mozart...

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The Gifts of the Celts

I am so glad Rev. Rod Newman will be with us Sunday to preach and teach on Celtic Christian Spirituality.  The afternoon holds a special treat for lunch prepared by Sheila Powers and Kendel Hall: Rev. Newman’s own recipe for Shepherd’s Pie and...

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Holy Humor

It may not surprise you to learn that my first vocational dream as a child was to be a comedian. I loved making people laugh. My first trip to the principal’s office in the first grade (somehow, I made it through Kindergarten unscathed) was for...

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