Vision, Labor, Patience, Sacrifice, Victory

As I was researching for the presentation of our pledge stewardship campaign this past September, I came across this little booklet with this on the title page, “The story of my church is told in these six words: vision, labor, patience, fellowship, sacrifice, victory.” I had remembered seeing those words on the inside of the cornerstone in our welcome center, and it got me thinking about the rich history of this church I’m so proud to serve. Do the same six words guide us today? I believe they do, and our pledge campaign this fall has shown that. With a fewer number of families and individuals pledging (at present), we have been able to raise a higher amount of funds for our 2014 budget than we did for our 2013 budget! (58 families and individuals raising $229,436 in comparison with 61 raising $216,134 in 2012). To me, that shows tremendous vision, labor, patience, fellowship, sacrifice, and victory.

Instead of recounting any more of how that story was told in the 1940s, why don’t I just share the pamphlet with you? I continue to be inspired by this church’s past, present, and future!  (Click for a closer view)

old pledge brochure