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Sleep: a Sacred Thing.

On Tuesday of this week, I’m going to undergo a sleep study. (Hey, since I had surgery in March, I met my out of pocket max with my insurance, so now’s the time to do stuff like that, eh?) Don’t worry, I sleep pretty well most of the time (isn’t...

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What comes out of your mouth.

What Comes out of Your Mouth This past Sunday, I spoke about the commandment to “not take the Lord’s Name in vain” by associating God with words of hatred and bigotry—traits that most non-Christians associate with us. In that sermon, I mentioned...

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5th Gear

“Back in the saddle, again.” That’s the song going through my mind as I sit down on Sunday night anticipating a day at the church office tomorrow with a fully intact staff. In a minute, I’ll yield some of this space to our new administrative...

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