Like a Child

What a beautiful, kid-filled, refreshing/exhausting week we just finished! Our Vacation Bible school was a great success, with 50 kids in attendance from our own church family and friends, Nueva Esperanza UMC, St. Paul’s UMC, and the neighborhood in general. Over 20 adult volunteers helped the gears turn to “Imagine and Build With God,” which was the theme. I had a good time each night with a group of around 8-12 mid-high youth, who each night interpreted the Bible story into a shadow theater for the rest of the kids, then set to work on envisioning the following evening’s shadow theater performance. The handbook wasn’t written in this way, so it required a little “outside the box” thinking from the youth—and they did great! I also spent Wednesday and Saturday with some from that same age group as we finished out confirmation with a bang—having a tour of churches that had a part in the roots of our own Methodist Tradition, and then on Saturday traveling over to the Old Spanish Treasure Cave in Gravette, AR for a “field trip” combining the experience of spelunking with a lesson on “being raised” from the tomb and what that has to do with the experience of professing one’s faith. A big thanks is due to all the leaders of VBS, but especially Maegan Nair and Lara Mattox, who organized things and recruited leaders, and to the adults who came along on the Roots of Methodism tour and Caving trip—Scott and Melanie Bruner, Andrea Sharrer, and Dan Call.
We have been focusing on children inside and outside worship this month as all this has been happening along with the Evangelism and Witness committee’s planned activities for kids that re-frames the theme of the morning’s worship service in some creative play activity. We also look forward to commissioning a group of youth for their summer mission trip—this year to Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR, June 27-29. Focusing on children and youth is a good thing for a church to do—helping young people interpret and experience the Word sometimes sheds new light for all involved. All that being said, I think I’ll just make room for more pictures, which tell 1000 words each, anyway! IMG_2143 IMG_2145 IMG_2155 IMG_2161 IMG_2184