Welcome to the Council Oak District

I’ve been lax getting some information to you all through my pastor’s perspective–this isn’t really the “one I’m working on” this week, but it is information you might find interesting regarding our new district designation, boundaries, and strategy for district ministries.  The old “Tulsa district” has grown to include what we might think of as the whole “Tulsa Metro Area,” which adds Owasso, Collinsville, Claremore, Coweta, and Sapulpa (and other smaller towns) Here’s the words of introduction from our District Superintendent, Dan Peil

Welcome to the Council Oak District of the Oklahoma Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  A special welcome to those of you who are preparing for your first Sunday in new churches tomorrow.  But all of us are preparing for our first Sunday as part of a new alignment.  Today my prayers include each one of you and the churches we serve together.

In 1836, the Lochapoka clan of the Creek Indians arrived in this area of Oklahoma after an involuntary migration from Alabama.  They carried with them ashes as well as embers from their fires in Alabama which they then used to make camp fires along the journey.  They marked their arrival here with a ceremony underneath a large oak tree on a bluff overlooking the Arkansas River where they deposited the ashes they brought with them.  This location became the first Creek Council site in Oklahoma.  The name “Tulsa” comes from the name of their Creek settlement in Alabama.

Taking the name “Council Oak” ties us historically and geographically with the Tulsa and surrounding area.  It is also a way to honor the Native American heritage through which Methodism found its way into Oklahoma.  May this inspirational Creek story continue to inspire us as we make a new beginning.

I hope that you are excited about this new venture of working together in mission and ministry.  Certainly there are many challenges in being the Church in a changing culture.  But where there are challenges there are usually opportunities.  The mission field around us is filled with opportunity and we get to be part of a new day of being the Church of Jesus Christ.  A complex cultural situation in which there are no easy answers calls for collaboration.  This is a time to rediscover our connectionalism and work together in missional areas.

Please bear with us as we work through all of the details of closing old districts and opening new ones.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming but we pray that in the long term this realignment will bear much fruit.  Just this past week, Tee Higgins, who has been the Tulsa District Administrative Assistant for over 12 years was hired as the Council Oak District Administrator.  The District Administrators are now Annual Conference employees and will take on a new role in the districts so that District Superintendents can spend more time on missional strategy.  I hope that we can all find ourselves as partners in mission and ministry.  It is really about helping the local church be vital and effective in the mission field.  We are here to help in any way that we can.

The Council Oak District office is located in the Tulsa Asbury United Methodist Church.  Office doors are located on the north side of the building.  There is a doorbell for our office on the double set of doors into the metal gym portion of the building.  There is also a drop box on the wall should you need to drop off something when we are not there.

The mailing address is: Council Oak District of the United Methodist Church

                                       6767 S. Mingo Rd.

                                       Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

Phone Number: 918-742-7496

We will also have new email addresses

                Office: counciloakdistrict@okumc.org (this one is active now)

                DA: thiggins@okumc.org (soon to be active)

                DS: dpeil@okumc.org (this one is also now active)