This week I go to meet with the District Superintendent in our annual consultation. We talk about all the ways I believe I’ve been effective and ineffective in conjunction with a similar form the staff-parish relations committee has filled out about me and the church in general. It’s a barrel of monkeys. Just in case you’d like to have the same kind of accountability with me that I have with our DS regarding our shared ministry here at UUMC (in our Discipline, it speaks of your participation in the church as “ministry” as well—see paragraph 220 at this link: ), here are the questions I’ll be answering. If you’d like to answer them and share them with me to provide similar accountability, go for it. (The Holy Spirit speaks to me in an odd way—oftentimes I don’t know if She’s kidding when an idea like this pops into my head-but if it speaks to you, let’s give it a shot.)
1. What is the best thing that happened through your ministry this year?
2. What in ministry seems to sap the energy from you?
3. What has made the biggest impact on your relationship with Christ this year?
4. What spiritual practice will you focus on this next year? Why?
5. How are you meeting your own need for worship and Sabbath?
6. What have you and/or your church done this year to affect your neighborhood or community?
7. Where do you see the greatest growth taking place in your people? Why?
8. What does your community believe about your church? How do you know?
9. What is your strategy for improving the worship attendance in your church?
10. In which areas does your church need to focus its attention? (Rank the top three)
• ____ A clear and shared vision for ministry
• ______Intentional Discipleship outside of Worship
• _____ Adult Professions of Faith
• ______Confirmation Age Professions of Faith
• ______Affecting your local community
• _____ Worship Attendance Growth
• ______Providing the Means of Grace
• ______Helping people hear their own calling into ministry
• ______Involvement in ministries of compassion and justice
• ______Becoming more welcoming and invitational
11. What is your strategy for improving your church’s efforts in those areas?
12. How do you live out your baptism?
13. In what ways are you engaging your congregation with the ministries and mission of the District and the Annual Conference?
14. In what ways are you serving the District and the Annual Conference? (UUMC parishioner, you could answer this question as it’s printed or translate to “in what ways are you serving the Kingdom of God beyond your activity at UUMC)
15. What strategy do you have to help your people become more open and accepting of people from other racial or cultural settings?
16. In what ways are you leading your congregation in the area of generosity?
17. Statistical Review: (for the last six years) What trends do you see in the statistics below?


How do you account for these trends?
How do the trends affect the priorities of the S/PPRC and church council in the coming year?
How do the trends affect your priorities?
18. What role do you need the Superintendent to play in the life of your church this next year?
19. Have you done anything in the performance of your ministerial function this past year that, in your opinion, or in the opinion of another, could lead to a complaint or charges being filed against you?
20. Are there special needs in your family that you need to share with the Cabinet? (or, in your case, your pastor)
21. What would you like to communicate to the Cabinet (pastor) concerning your future appointment? (hmmm, let’s say your future membership)