Time for Interfaith Hospitality

Possible Programs with Your Church


  • Ladies Coffee Nights: Organized by Woman Association of Dialogue Institute. Monthly event when women from different traditions meet and learn from one another. Each program we would like to present on unique arts such as water marbling, henna tattoo, or introduction of local cuisine. We plan to invite a guest non-profit organization, as well. We have this event every other month and flexible to compare the schedules with your group. Simply let us know when it works for your “Women’s group”


  • Cooking Classes: This event will also be special for ladies for now and if we see interest form men, we will include men! This event will be also every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm.


  • Baklava Days: Friends from Dialogue Institute share Baklava with the community. So, we can come and share baklava with your members after Sunday service or during a special event you have. We can invite a few Turkish-American Muslim families and cherish the diversity


  • Interfaith Academy: We usually have three speakers from diverse faith backgrounds and choose a mutually agreed topic that might be appealing to people. We can choose any topic: Essentials of faith, social justice, women leadership in peace building, caring about community, and many others.


  • Interfaith Meetings at Homes: We can match 4-6 people from your community with a Turkish-American family and they can have informal gatherings in their homes over a cup of coffee and refreshments.


We will also have Turkish Language Classes, Book Club, Water Marbling classes in the near future.


Please let us know what kind of programs might be appealing to your congregation. Feel free to respond this e-mail and we can set up a meeting if you have more questions!