The Dynamic Kiting Spiderling

Pastor’s Perspective


In honor of our annual blessing of the animals, inspired by the ministry of Francis of Assisi, I’ll first share with you a poem I wrote around 7 years ago and first shared in a pastor’s perspective back in 2012:


I wrote this a couple years ago as I sat watching a spider fly into the porch on its little web parachute. Wondering what this was called, I looked it up on Wikipedia and found that they are actually scientifically known as “dynamic kiting spiderlings.” I was so delighted with the lyrical name, I knew there had to be a poem in there somewhere, so I set to work. As I heard the author of a book say recently, “building a story around a title is like building a house around a beautiful doorknob, though that’s not to say such a house shouldn’t be built-some doorknobs are exceedingly beautiful.” In any case, the title IS a beautiful doorknob, and though the house is

perhaps still under construction (Just now, I made a few changes) I invite you through the door!



“The Dynamic Kiting Spiderling”


I sat and spied a spider
Dancing in the breeze.
Swinging out and weaving back
Doing it with ease.


And grace, indeed, is her intellect
When she’s flying through the air,
She rides the wind into a pattern

Creating an artful lair.


A trap that strewn invisible,
But with genius geometry;
The sun will soon illuminate
Its shining elasticity.


So a simple task is complex
And is sometimes revealed as such
Our efforts and thoughts weave a pattern
The only question is what it will catch.




One of those “simple tasks that are complex” is organizing the leadership of the church. Our church council was most recently apprised of some leadership models I have been researching and talking with other pastors about. They would “simplify” the leadership of the church by streamlining all the various committees of the church into one or two boards overseeing a broader agenda. Keep your church council and me in your prayers as we discern what might most effectively serve our church’s ministry!