The Discipleship Pathway

During the month of September, we have
for years celebrated the Season of Creation at
University United Methodist. This year, we’ll be
“going local,” very local, in focusing on the
ecology right out the front door of the church
and what that view inspired in us. For the past
half a year or so, our ministry team has been
developing a “Discipleship Pathway,” which is a
visual and concise tool we can utilize to
publicize and remind ourselves what we are
about at University UMC.
I’ll be delving into the particulars of each
of the segments of the discipleship pathway
during our five Sundays of worship during
September. The concepts and the “environment”
that inspired them go hand in hand, and so we
have a lot to unpack. I hope this will be a season
of growth as we reinforce what we have in mind
when we say, “I’m a member at University
United Methodist Church.”
Please make plans to attend the
September 22 luncheon and pie auction. We will
hear from the youth about their camp
experiences, and also make time to hear a
report on our local church profile, which is a
summary of the challenges and realities our
church faces and also a roadmap for our
church’s big dreams and visions for the future.
We need your input to make it the most effective
tool it can be for our Ministry Team and
Administrative Board!