Matt Patrick

Matt Patrick


Matt Patrick has been in growing and thriving churches for most of his life both personally and professionally. Matt grew up at FUMC Claremore in the Oklahoma Conference which more than doubled in size during his childhood and teenage years. Claremore FUMC was incredibly formative for Matt in how to build a church that focuses on developing young people and a volunteer service culture instead of falling into the trap of staffing out the ministry of the church.

    During college, Matt worked his first ministry job at Acts 2 UMC in Edmond, OK. He served as a youth pastor there for 4 years from 2011-2015. Acts 2 UMC at that time was the fastest growing church in the Oklahoma Conference and was a church plant from 1998, which was Matt’s first exposure to church planting.

    After college, in Seminary, Matt served his first appointment at Nichols Hills UMC in OKC from 2015-2018 where he learned the role of pastor and made deep and valued connections among the people of Nichols Hills, who are affluent enough to make major gifts to this project.

    In 2018, Matt was appointed as one of the High Impact Church Planting Residents for the Oklahoma Conference and appointed to Church of the Servant, where he has been learning the vital skills for building a church and the administrative needs that large churches and projects have.

    In his free time, Matt enjoys a wide variety of hobbies. In fact, he often has difficulty choosing between the wide variety of interests that he has. Some of those hobbies are astronomy, bird watching, hiking/backpacking, and anything that has to do with the realm of “nerdom” like technology and pop culture. One of Matt’s goals in life is to visit all 62 of the national parks. He has 13 of them down, but they keep adding to the list!