Nathan Mattox



Rev. M. Nathan Mattox wasn’t planning on being a minister when he first started dreaming of careers back in high school. Not unless Indiana Jones was a minister and he just didn’t know it. Instead, he had his eyes set on studying archaeology and then adventuring all over the world while unlocking the secrets of ancient cultures and vexing the bad guys with a smarmy attitude.

Instead, when he graduated Hendrix College with a BA in World Religions, he didn’t find many want ads for Indiana Joneses. So, he became a youth minister in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. All the while, Nathan, undaunted by the lack of want ads, continued making plans for an Indiana Jones lifestyle by researching his own graduate school options, (hey—it was Dr. Indiana Jones, after all) particularly in the area of the religions of China and South Asia. (Which would have helped Indy in the Temple of Doom to be sure.)

A strange thing happened though—Nathan found that he was adventuring all over the world, unlocking the secrets of an ancient culture, and vexing the bad guys with a smarmy attitude as a youth minister. So, he decided to continue down the path of ministry. He went to seminary at Claremont School of Theology in the Los Angeles metro area, and while in his first year of seminary he worked as an assistant at the UCLA Wesley foundation, which he sought out because he had a deep interest and passion for doing ministry in the context of a university campus. The next two years, he continued to pursue ministry in a college campus while working as the program coordinator for the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Occidental College in Los Angeles. After seminary, he served the United Methodist Church in Waldron, AR for only a year before being appointed to serve the United Methodist Church in Morris, and served there for five years, during which time he was ordained as an Elder in 2008. As of June 2011, he is swashbuckling as the pastor of the University United Methodist Church, situated in the wilds of the University of Tulsa.

Nathan enjoys the connections between art and religion, as well as ecology and faith. He also enjoys sports, reading, and trying new things. He is probably one of the biggest reggae fans in Oklahoma, watches movies with rapt attention, and dreams of building a treehouse for his kids. He is excited to be serving a church once again on a college campus. (Professors of archaeology may think about keeping an eye out for an intrepid course auditor.)

Rev. Mattox can be reached at